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Congratulations on being a winner in one of our Pigskin Mania pools. Please fill in the form below to let us know how you want us to handle your winnings.

If you plan to play in any of our future pools, we encourage you to leave money on account for those pools. We have more than 1,200 players that play in our pools and it saves us a lot of time and effort if we can avoid exchanging checks for each pool and can just work with your funds on account.

We have five pools that we run:

Pigskin Mania - $60 entry fee

Dirty Dozen Bowl Pool - $10 per entry with a maxiumum of 3 entries

March Mania - Our NCAA Tournament Pool, $10 per entry with a maxiumum of 3 entries

Tour Mania, A PGA Tour pool, $50 entry fee

Cup Mania - A World Cup pool that ran in 2018, $20 entry fee

Of course, these are your winnings, so if you want to collect what is in your account, we are happy to send it to you.

The options are pretty self-explanatory. The Special Instructions choice is if you want to transfer some of your money to someone else's account to pay off a side bet or cover their entry fee for a pool.

We do not accept donations to The Poolmaster as it is against the laws governing our pool.

Let us know how you want to receive your payment. We can send your money via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, or we can send a check. Follow the instructions below.

Special Note: None of the entries in any of the fields can have an apostrophe. This includes the Special Instructions section. You will get an error if there is an apostrophe in any of the fields.

Please select your ID as it appears on the Accounts page

E-Mail Address

Check one of the options below

This form does no accept apostrophies in any of the fields.
You will receive an error message and must resubmit.

If you pick the third option, don't forget to indicate the amount you want left on account. If none of the first three option options is your preference, check the Special Instructions option and provide an explanation in the box.

Keep all my money on account.

Send all my money.

Keep this amount on account $ and send me the rest.

Special instructions (max 255 characters):

If you are requesting a payment to your PayPal, Venmo or Zelle account,
please fill in the ID for that account below (email address, phone number or Venmo ID):


If you are requesting a check,
please fill in the information below:

Make check out to