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  1. Point spreads will be posted each week by 12:00 p.m. MST on Thursday.

  2. Point spreads are taken from Once the spreads are posted on this page, they are OFFICIAL with the exception listed in Item 3 below. Updated point spreads appearing on after the spreads are posted here are not official.

  3. If there is an error in the point spreads that is detected more than TWO HOURS before the first scheduled game of the week, it will be corrected and will become the official point spread. If the incorrect point spread is not detected at least two hours before the first scheduled game, it will remain as the official point spread. If there is a correction made in the spreads, it will be noted at the top of the point spreads chart that there is a correction without indicating which game was involved. Errors that remain in the point spreads will not be noted.

  4. Scheduled game times are listed with the point spreads. However, it remains the responsibility of the player to know the actual start time as times may change due to weather or other circumstances.

  5. All game times are Mountain Standard Time (MST). Pigskin Mania is headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., and the largest population of players resides in the state. Arizona does not go on Daylight Savings Time. It is always on Mountain Standard Time. Through Saturday, Nov. 5, MST is the same as Pacific Daylight Time, 3 hours earlier than Eastern Daylight Time. Beginning Sunday, Nov. 6, MST is 1 hour later than PST, and 2 hours earlier than EST.

  6. In the event a game time changes the actual time a game starts will determine whether it is eligible to be picked regardless of the time listed on this page. As stated in the rules, any game that has started is no longer eligible to be picked. Be advised there have been instances where weather or other circumstances have caused game times to change to an earlier start, even as much as a day earlier. Likewise, if a game starts later than the time posted on this page, it is eligible to be played up until the game actually begins. Finally, the games are posted in the order they appear on They might not be listed in chronological order.

  7. Visiting teams are listed first. It is up to the player to know if a game is played on a neutral field. It will not be indicated in the chart.

  8. Point spreads are listed as a negative number on the line for the FAVORITE.

  9. If a team you want to pick does not appear on this page, then that team is not eligible to be picked.

  10. If the LINE column has PK in it instead of a number, the game is a "pick 'em," meaning the point spread is zero and the winner of the game covers the spread.

  11. If the LINE column has NL in it instead of a number, there is NO LINE on that game and neither team is available to be picked. If you pick either team, it is a loss.

  12. When game results are posted, the name of the point spread winner will be highlighted in  DARK BLUE. The point spread loser will be highlighted in  GRAY. If a game is a PUSH, both picks are losses and both teams will be highlighted in gray.

Week 19 Official 1/7 9:30 PM
All listed times are Mountain Standard Time (Arizona time).
Game times may change without notice. The actual start time determines the deadline to pick a game.
Winning teams are highlighted in DARK BLUE. Losing teams are highlighted in GRAY.
NCAA Line Score NFL Line Score
Tue 10:00 AM     Sat 2:35 PM    
Iowa   27 Colts   21
Mississippi St. -7 22 Texans -2 7
Tue 11:00 AM     Sat 6:15 PM    
Kentucky   27 Seahawks   22
Penn St. -6 24 Cowboys -2.5 24
Tue 11:00 AM     Sun 11:05 AM    
LSU -7 40 Chargers   23
C. Florida   32 Ravens -2.5 17
Tue 3:00 PM     Sun 2:40 PM    
Washington   23 Eagles   16
Ohio St. -6.5 28 Bears -6 15
Tue 6:45 PM          
Texas   28      
Georgia -12 21      
Mon 6:00 PM          
Clemson   44      
Alabama -6 16