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Please read and follow these instructions:

  1. The entry fee is $60 which covers the entire season.


Returning players from any Mania pool: Submit your name using the First Name and Last/Team Name fields to match the name on your current Pigskin Mania account. If you were already using an alias, submit that in the Name fields. You must then submit a Pigskin Mania ID. It can be your name, your team name or an alias. Submit your PM ID exactly as you would like it to appear in the standings and in commentary on the website, including puncuation and upper and lower case letters. This will be your ID for all Mania pools and for your account going forward.

New players/teams: Fill in the first and last name field. Submit a PM ID which can simply be your name, your team name, or an alias. Submit exactly as you would like it to appear in the standings and in commentary on the website. This will be your ID for all Mania pools and for your account going forward.

Multiple entries: Multiple entries are permitted. If you want to attach more than one entry to an account, submit each entry under the same first and last name, but submit a separate Pigskin Mania ID for each entry.

  1. Team entries and aliases that don't have a first and last name should put their name in the Last Name box. Leave the First Name box blank.

  2. Fill in the rest of the form completely and submit. EVERYONE, including returning players, must submit the registration form so we don't have to go back to prior records to retrieve your contact information.

  3. Sending in your payment does not complete your registration. You still must submit the registration form.

  4. The form will not accept apostrophes in any of the fields. If you have an apostrophe in your name or in your comments, you will get an error message. If you have an apostrophe in your name, submit without the apostrophe and we will add it manually.

  5. Submit a phone number and e-mail address where you can be reached during the season. This is especially important in the event a question should arise about your picks during a given week and we need to contact you to clarify. Indicate if sending you a text message is an acceptable way to reach you.

  6. An entry is not official until the entry fee is received.

  7. Please visit the Rules page so you know exactly how the game works.

Payment Instructions:

  • Check the Accounts Page and see if you have any funds on account. Check the page even if you think you have nothing on account because you may have winnings you don't know about, you may have overpaid some Paypal fees, or you may owe some fees. Every player who was in one of our pools during the 2017-2018 season is on the Accounts list.

  • If you owe a balance, submit that amount plus the entry fee.

  • Using Your PM Account. If your name is on the Accounts Page, any balance will automatically be deducted or added to what you owe for the upcoming season. If you have $60 or more on account, your registration is complete once you complete the form below, so go to that step right now. We will adjust your account. If you have an amount on the Accounts Page less than the $60 entry fee, determine what you owe then use one of the other payment methods. If you want to use your account to pay for someone else's entry, provide that information in the Comments and Explanations box.

  • Check or Cash. Checks should be made out to Jay Gonzales. Please do not make checks out to Pigskin Mania. We've had a few of those and it's a problem at the bank. Feel free to indicate Pigskin Mania in the memo section of the check. Mail checks or cash to Jay Gonzales, 7656 E. Park View Drive, Tucson, AZ, 85715.

  • Venmo. Our Venmo ID is @Javier-Gonzales-5. It’s under The Poolmaster's personal email address and cell phone 520-444-3883.

  • Paypal. Our Paypal account is under the e-mail address NOTE that "Gonzales" is spelled with an "S" on the end and not a "Z." A few payments in the past have been misdirected because of that and those players had to track it down to get a refund from Paypal.

If you have your own Paypal account where funds are drawn from your bank account, you do not owe any Paypal fees. Just send the amount you owe.

If you do not have a PayPal account and are using a debit or credit card, you will owe fees. Please use the following pay schedule, especially if you are sending fees for more than one entry.

You do not have to add the fees if you are sending a check.

For 1 entry, send $62.10
For 2 entries, send $123.89
For 3 entries, send $185.68
For 4 entries, send $247.48
For 5 entries, send $309.27
For odd amounts, there is a handy Paypal fee calculator at this link. If you don't calculate the fees correctly, don't worry too much about it. We will make sure we keep track in your account we will square up at some point.

  • For both Venmo and Paypal, please include your Pigskin Mania ID in the message area of the payment form even if your name appears on the account. We've had to do some guessing over the years.

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It is a violation of these services' policies to transmit funds for gambling purposes. Paypal suspended our account for a short time a few years ago because they detected the payments were for gambling since many of you referred to Pigskin Mania in your payment form. We also received a warning during 2017 March Mania. DO NOT MENTION "PIGSKIN MANIA" OR ANYTHNG THAT INDICATES YOUR PAYMENT IS FOR A FOOTBALL POOL OR FOR GAMBLING ANYWHERE IN THE FORM. The best thing to do is to simply put your Pigskin Mania ID and the ID of others you are paying for in the notes so we can identify the payment. Print and keep your payment confirmation page to make sure we can straighten out any issues that may arise later.

  • Entry fees are due by kickoff of the first game in your picks in Week 1, or if mailing a check or cash, the postmark has to be no later than the day of the first games. Your picks will not be valid until we have your entry fee.

  • If you have any special circumstances, for example if you have extra amounts in your account and want to use them for someone else, provide a brief explanation in the Comments and Explanations box on the registration form.

Registration Form

NOTE: The form will not accept an apostrophe (') in any of the fields including your name and in the comments. If you try to submit the form with an apostrophe, you will receive a "syntax error" and the registration will not go through. Just submit without the apostrophe. If you have one in your name, we will put it in manually when we record your registration. Thanks.

First Name

Last/Team Name

Pigskin Mania ID

Create an ID that will be how you will appear in the standings. It can be your name or an alias. Make it something you will remember.


Team entries should submit an e-mail address for all team members separated by a semi-colon (;)

Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx

OK to Text?


If you are playing from outside the U.S., select INTL

Who referred you to Pigskin Mania?

Entry fee is $60

I will pay by:

(If you select "Other" please use the Comments box to explain)

Comments and Explanations
(Maximum 255 characters)