1. Make a total of five picks.

  2. You may select any combination of five games from NCAA or NFL.

  3. Check the Point Spreads page to make sure the team you want to pick is on the schedule. If your team is not on the Point Spreads page, you cannot pick it.

  4. Picks must be submitted prior to the start of any game you select.

  5. The Lock of the Week is optional. To play the Lock, pick one of your five games and select it under Lock of the Week in the form below. A correct pick on the Lock of the Week is worth an additional ½ point. A miss is a ½-point deduction.

  6. Double-check your picks and click on the SUBMIT button.

  7. You should see a confirmation page listing your picks. If you do not get the confirmation page, resubmit. Print or screenshot your confirmation page and keep it should a problem arise about your picks.

  8.  If you change your mind about a pick prior to any selected games starting, you may resubmit. When one game you have selected starts, all your picks are locked and you may not make further changes even if you made an error.

  9. If you are late submitting picks and there are not enough games to choose from, you may pick any games left on the schedule. Choose "No Pick" from the drop down menu for any picks where you do not have teams to choose from. No Pick is the first choice in the drop down menu.

  10. If there is a problem or you receive errors, submit by e-mail to poolmaster@pigskinmania.net.

Your Name Please

Check your confirmation page. If you make a mistake and make picks with someone else's name, resubmit under your name and send an email to poolmaster@pigskinmania.net to inform us of the error.

Your Picks

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Lock of the Week


If you select a lock, it must be one of
the five games you've picked above.