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Winning picks are shaded in BLUE. Losing picks are shaded in GRAY.

Final Standings  
  Player Pts Poss 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 TB
1. George, Todd 1 72 72 Kansas St. New Mexico St. C. Florida Navy Florida St. South Carolina Oklahoma St. Ohio St. Penn St. Arizona Oklahoma Clemson 38
2. Anderson, Joshua 1 72 72 Kansas St. Ohio St. Texas Stanford Michigan St. Oklahoma St. West Virginia Navy Mississippi St. C. Florida N. Carolina St. Iowa St. 44.5
3. Mehrabani, Beejan 1 72 72 Oklahoma St. Iowa St. Penn St. N. Carolina St. C. Florida Iowa Stanford Michigan St. Texas N. Illinois Oklahoma Wake Forest 69
4. Dewhirst, Emily 1 69 69 Kansas St. Michigan St. Alabama Georgia Florida St. Purdue Navy TCU Washington N. Carolina St. Iowa Kentucky 52
5. Magruder, Jack 1 69 69 Kansas St. Penn St. Wisconsin Michigan St. Stanford Alabama Georgia Michigan Southern Cal Iowa Mississippi St. C. Florida 57
6. Nintzel, William 1 67 67 Alabama Georgia Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Oklahoma St. Ohio St. Penn St. DQ-Same C. Florida Texas AM DQ-Duplicate Southern Miss 49
7. Stephens, John 3 66 66 Stanford Ohio St. Oklahoma St. Navy Mississippi St. Washington St. Wisconsin Georgia South Carolina Clemson Arizona St. Kentucky 47
8. Contreras, Adam 1 64 64 Oklahoma St. Kansas St. Penn St. Michigan St. LSU Duke Navy Georgia Michigan Purdue Miami, Fla. Ohio St. 45
9. Bonesteel, Matt 1 63 63 Northwestern Utah Kansas St. Wisconsin Purdue Michigan St. Ohio St. C. Florida Navy Georgia LSU Southern Miss 47
10. Peel, Diana 1 63 63 Ohio St. Florida St. Stanford Utah Oklahoma St. Michigan St. Louisville Auburn Wisconsin LSU Navy Oklahoma 87
11. Courson, Erik 1 62 62 Kansas St. C. Florida Michigan St. Wisconsin Utah St. Purdue Clemson Georgia Stanford Ohio St. West Virginia Navy 46
12. Maguire, Jim 1 62 62 Penn St. TCU Wisconsin Alabama Georgia C. Florida Ohio St. West Virginia South Carolina Navy Kansas St. Duke 48
13. Nintzel, Taylor 2 61 61 Alabama Oklahoma St. Navy Kentucky Oklahoma Penn St. Stanford Louisville Washington St. Iowa St. Wisconsin N. Carolina St. 38
14. Rickard, Derek 1 61 61 Navy Ohio St. Stanford N. Carolina St. Clemson Michigan St. Georgia Iowa UCLA Missouri LSU Wisconsin 48
15. Agajanian, Carole 1 60 60 Wisconsin Ohio St. Alabama Georgia Penn St. Missouri Texas AM Kansas St. LSU Stanford Duke Arizona 38
16. Geary, Jane 3 60 60 Penn St. Ohio St. Iowa St. Michigan St. Oklahoma St. TCU Oklahoma Wisconsin Clemson Notre Dame Duke UCLA 45
16. Macfarlane, Brian 2 60 60 Michigan St. Kansas St. Iowa Oklahoma St. Texas Oklahoma Clemson Penn St. LSU Wisconsin South Carolina Southern Cal 45
18. Baron, Chet 1 60 60 Wisconsin Northwestern Duke Texas Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Penn St. Wake Forest Navy Florida St. Michigan New Mexico St. 51
19. Mehrabani, Beejan 2 59 59 Wisconsin Louisville Ohio St. Notre Dame Oklahoma C. Florida N. Carolina St. South Carolina Alabama Iowa St. New Mexico St. Kentucky 34
20. Thornburg, Andy 1 59 59 Florida St. Michigan St. N. Carolina St. Penn St. Auburn Navy Virginia Tech Georgia Clemson Texas Stanford Memphis 38
21. Alubowicz, Conner 1 59 59 New Mexico St. C. Florida Michigan St. Mississippi St. Penn St. Southern Miss West Virginia Iowa Oklahoma St. Southern Cal Texas AM Oklahoma 39
22. Farinsky, John 1 59 59 Florida St. Duke Northwestern N. Carolina St. Utah Kansas St. Navy Ohio St. Louisville Memphis Michigan Notre Dame 42
23. Nintzel, Andy 1 59 59 Utah Alabama Georgia Wisconsin Michigan St. Michigan Ohio St. Louisville Washington Arizona C. Florida New Mexico St. 47
24. Kahl, Kevin 1 59 59 Stanford Oklahoma St. Kentucky Washington St. South Carolina Alabama Memphis Navy Purdue Texas AM Kansas St. LSU 48
25. Tangeman, Stan 2 59 59 Georgia Michigan Oklahoma St. Navy Texas Iowa Iowa St. UCLA Utah N. Illinois Purdue New Mexico St. 53
26. Fry, Annette 2 58 58 Notre Dame Navy Memphis Alabama Texas AM Kentucky Duke Oklahoma St. C. Florida Florida St. Southern Cal South Carolina 47
27. Barger, Bryan 2 58 58 Ohio St. Alabama Georgia Washington Iowa St. N. Carolina St. C. Florida Miami, Fla. South Carolina Texas AM Utah St. LSU 48
28. Sanford, Ryan 3 58 58 Penn St. Wisconsin Alabama Georgia LSU Oklahoma St. Southern Cal Memphis Kentucky C. Florida Michigan St. Utah St. 51
29. Magruder, Jack 2 58 58 Michigan St. Stanford Penn St. Clemson Wisconsin Iowa St. C. Florida Utah St. Georgia Southern Cal LSU Texas AM 52
30. Peel, Terry 2 58 58 Notre Dame Clemson Penn St. Kentucky Ohio St. Iowa St. Michigan Georgia New Mexico St. Mississippi St. Miami, Fla. Auburn 57
31. Bennett, David 1 58 58 LSU Penn St. Kentucky Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Virginia N. Carolina St. C. Florida Kansas St. Michigan St. Stanford Utah St. 71
32. Geary, Jane 2 57 57 Ohio St. Penn St. Iowa St. Washington St. Oklahoma St. Arizona St. Georgia Wisconsin Alabama Auburn N. Illinois Utah 45
32. Hart, Mike 3 57 57 Navy Penn St. Southern Cal Auburn Stanford Kentucky Georgia Alabama New Mexico St. Wisconsin Michigan Michigan St. 47
34. Boettler, Brian 2 56 56 Penn St. Ohio St. Stanford Auburn LSU Michigan St. Oklahoma St. N. Carolina St. Iowa St. Miami, Fla. Wake Forest Georgia 44
34. Viecelli, Anthony Jr 1 56 56 Washington St. Penn St. Iowa Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Alabama Georgia Arizona Stanford UCLA Louisville Duke 49
34. Heleba, Thomas 1 56 56 Alabama Georgia Arizona Penn St. Southern Cal Wisconsin South Carolina Iowa Washington St. Navy Texas Kansas St. 55
34. Hollnagel Jr, Rob 1 56 56 Kentucky Notre Dame Southern Miss South Carolina Penn St. Oklahoma St. Memphis Iowa Stanford Auburn Oklahoma Clemson 70
38. Walker, Stanley 1 55 55 Duke Texas Oklahoma St. Florida St. South Carolina Boston College Washington West Virginia Georgia Miami, Fla. Utah St. Michigan St. 43
38. Henriksen, George 1 55 55 Penn St. South Carolina Oklahoma St. Southern Cal Kansas St. Navy Iowa Northwestern Louisville Southern Miss Wake Forest Texas 49
38. Pierson, Brad 1 55 55 Georgia N. Carolina St. Penn St. Auburn Texas Miami, Fla. Ohio St. UCLA Florida St. Utah Washington St. Stanford 62
38. Gonzales, Jay 2 55 55 Alabama Notre Dame Wisconsin Louisville N. Carolina St. Wake Forest Stanford Navy Missouri Boston College Florida St. Duke 63
42. Beitzel, Mike 1 54 54 Penn St. Notre Dame Wake Forest Virginia Tech C. Florida N. Carolina St. Duke Iowa Michigan St. Louisville Southern Cal Georgia 35
42. Fernbacher, Jack 2 54 54 Iowa Purdue Kentucky Southern Cal Miami, Fla. C. Florida TCU Michigan St. Iowa St. Georgia Alabama Michigan 46
42. Paquette, Jamie 2 54 54 Wisconsin Ohio St. Northwestern Penn St. Michigan N. Carolina St. Wake Forest Iowa St. Michigan St. Alabama Stanford C. Florida 48
42. Northrup, Ryan 1 54 54 Alabama Georgia Penn St. Iowa St. New Mexico St. Wake Forest TCU Virginia Missouri Iowa N. Illinois Utah 49
42. Nintzel, Taylor 1 54 54 Alabama Duke Texas Boston College Georgia Southern Cal C. Florida Memphis Notre Dame Miami, Fla. Oklahoma St. Kansas St. 58
42. Mcgrail, Terry 1 54 54 Iowa Florida St. Kansas St. Navy Texas Virginia Tech Washington St. Wake Forest Stanford Arizona West Virginia N. Illinois 60
48. Bunker 1 53 53 Arizona Ohio St. Stanford Wisconsin Texas Washington St. Penn St. Arizona St. Alabama Georgia Notre Dame Auburn 44
48. Oliveros, Paul 1 53 53 Auburn Georgia Stanford Utah Iowa St. Penn St. Texas Miami, Fla. Michigan Clemson Oklahoma St. Southern Miss 45
48. Nintzel, William 2 53 53 Georgia Alabama Auburn Penn St. Southern Cal South Carolina N. Carolina St. Texas AM Oklahoma St. Navy Arizona Iowa 48
48. Messenger, Troy 1 53 53 Clemson Georgia Iowa St. Arizona Oklahoma St. Michigan St. Penn St. Ohio St. West Virginia Texas Kentucky C. Florida 51
48. Windex 1 53 53 Oklahoma St. C. Florida Penn St. Notre Dame Oklahoma Southern Cal Clemson Navy Washington St. South Carolina N. Carolina St. Purdue 52
53. Moore, Brent 1 52 52 Notre Dame Penn St. Washington St. Stanford West Virginia New Mexico St. Wisconsin Arizona Oklahoma St. Texas Michigan Northwestern 38
53. Cox, Ed 3 52 52 Kansas St. Wisconsin N. Carolina St. Utah St. Iowa St. Boston College Alabama Louisville Oklahoma Texas C. Florida LSU 47
53. Hartattack, Jeff 1 52 52 Kansas St. Northwestern Wisconsin Michigan Stanford Utah Florida St. Ohio St. Oklahoma St. Louisville Wake Forest Washington St. 47
53. Janczak, Greg 3 52 52 Northwestern Iowa St. Wisconsin Ohio St. Penn St. Notre Dame N. Illinois Michigan St. Arizona Michigan Iowa Louisville 48
53. Peel, Terry 1 52 52 Texas Georgia Alabama Iowa UCLA Memphis Kentucky Wake Forest South Carolina Louisville Miami, Fla. Washington St. 51
53. Smith, Scott 1 52 52 Southern Miss Notre Dame C. Florida Washington Alabama Purdue Mississippi St. Ohio St. New Mexico St. UCLA DQ-Duplicate Georgia 57
53. Dewhirst, Derek 3 52 52 Kansas St. Alabama Virginia Iowa Penn St. TCU Texas Arizona Mississippi St. Michigan Oklahoma St. Oklahoma 58
53. Mclaughlin, Pops 1 52 52 Iowa Navy Duke UCLA Oklahoma St. Washington Wisconsin Notre Dame Michigan Louisville Oklahoma Clemson 58
53. Deitz, Gene 2 52 52 Georgia Auburn Penn St. Missouri Iowa St. Duke Iowa Ohio St. Kentucky TCU Virginia Southern Miss 59
62. Viecelli 2, Chris 2 51 51 Southern Cal Georgia Alabama West Virginia Kentucky C. Florida Texas Southern Miss South Carolina Mississippi St. Purdue N. Illinois 41
62. Sokerka, Richard 1 51 51 Stanford C. Florida Louisville Northwestern Texas Michigan St. Kansas St. Southern Miss Iowa St. Wake Forest Georgia Notre Dame 44
62. Sanford, Ryan 1 51 51 Alabama Southern Cal Virginia Kansas St. Iowa Purdue Missouri Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Michigan St. Penn St. Stanford 46
62. Cox, John 1 51 51 Oklahoma St. Missouri Kentucky Kansas St. Navy Ohio St. Oklahoma Alabama Miami, Fla. LSU Washington Louisville 47
62. Stephens, John 1 51 51 Oklahoma St. Missouri Stanford Florida St. Duke Kansas St. Arizona St. DQ-Duplicate Navy Wake Forest Boston College Purdue 47
62. Denunzio, Jon 1 51 51 Kansas St. Purdue Southern Miss West Virginia Michigan St. Ohio St. Mississippi St. N. Illinois C. Florida Notre Dame TCU Clemson 49
62. Smith, Jordan 2 51 51 Utah Duke Kansas St. Alabama Oklahoma LSU Arizona Southern Cal Penn St. Wisconsin Michigan St. Arizona St. 49
62. Bourguignon, Grady 1 51 51 Oklahoma St. Iowa Kansas St. Duke Memphis Arizona Stanford Southern Cal West Virginia Penn St. Michigan Utah St. 52
70. Akers, Brian 3 50 50 Georgia Alabama Boston College Missouri Notre Dame Stanford Washington St. N. Carolina St. Ohio St. Auburn Oklahoma St. Penn St. 38
70. Schrecengost, Jim 1 50 50 South Carolina Wisconsin Northwestern Penn St. Texas Southern Miss Kansas St. Boston College Notre Dame Southern Cal Oklahoma Auburn 42
70. Steinberg, Dan 1 50 50 Kansas St. Washington Mississippi St. Duke Michigan St. Virginia Tech Kentucky Stanford Virginia Miami, Fla. Utah St. Boston College 44
70. Geary, Jane 1 50 50 Wisconsin Penn St. Iowa St. Michigan Notre Dame Northwestern Stanford Oklahoma Clemson Auburn Iowa Michigan St. 45
70. Ketchner, Kevin 2 50 50 Kansas St. Louisville Penn St. Oklahoma St. Northwestern Florida St. Auburn Michigan St. Navy Ohio St. TCU Oklahoma 46
70. Simpson, Ernest 1 50 50 Penn St. Memphis Clemson Michigan St. Oklahoma St. Iowa Texas Stanford Miami, Fla. N. Carolina St. LSU Texas AM 47
70. Mclaughlin, Riley 1 50 50 Virginia Alabama Wisconsin Duke Arizona Oklahoma N. Carolina St. Ohio St. Oklahoma St. Michigan St. Iowa Auburn 54
70. Korentayer, Dan 3 50 50 Ohio St. Northwestern LSU Wisconsin Mississippi St. Georgia Alabama Memphis New Mexico St. South Carolina Auburn Penn St. 56
70. Cox, Ed 2 50 50 Alabama Georgia Notre Dame Auburn Michigan Wisconsin Penn St. Louisville Ohio St. DQ-Same Washington St. Missouri 62
79. Vielledent, Marc 1 49 49 Penn St. Navy Oklahoma Auburn Wisconsin Southern Cal Alabama South Carolina Oklahoma St. Arizona Iowa Iowa St. 45
79. Ketchner, Kevin 1 49 49 Florida St. Northwestern New Mexico St. N. Carolina St. Louisville Auburn Iowa Duke Navy Memphis Penn St. Wisconsin 46
79. Tangeman, Stan 1 49 49 Southern Miss Penn St. C. Florida Northwestern Wisconsin N. Carolina St. Southern Cal Texas Alabama Notre Dame UCLA Georgia 46
79. Purdy, Jim 1 49 49 Washington Iowa Kansas St. South Carolina Notre Dame Georgia Arizona St. Miami, Fla. Wake Forest Stanford Washington St. Oklahoma St. 52
79. Bonedogg 1 49 49 N. Carolina St. Oklahoma St. Southern Miss Penn St. Louisville Memphis Texas Wisconsin Northwestern Notre Dame C. Florida Iowa 55
79. Burmood, Aidan 2 49 49 Oklahoma St. Oklahoma Penn St. Stanford Southern Cal Washington St. Wisconsin C. Florida Navy Notre Dame Michigan Utah St. 57
79. Finley, Ryan 1 49 49 Texas Navy Oklahoma Alabama New Mexico St. UCLA Louisville Stanford Notre Dame Southern Cal Arizona St. West Virginia 64
79. Pierson, Dean 1 49 49 Northwestern Ohio St. Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Utah Virginia N. Carolina St. Missouri C. Florida Boston College TCU Iowa St. 71
87. Baron, Chet 2 48 48 Miami, Fla. Northwestern Duke Texas Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Penn St. Wake Forest Navy Florida St. Michigan New Mexico St. 48
87. Jefferson, Allen 1 48 48 Michigan St. Stanford Oklahoma St. Southern Miss Kansas St. Boston College Utah LSU Miami, Fla. Virginia Missouri Ohio St. 48
87. Smith, Jordan 1 48 48 Duke Kansas St. Washington St. Alabama Oklahoma Utah Arizona Iowa St. Navy Texas AM Arizona St. TCU 49
87. Messenger, Troy 2 48 48 Ohio St. West Virginia Stanford Penn St. New Mexico St. Southern Miss Iowa Clemson Texas AM Arizona St. Georgia Notre Dame 51
87. Billman, Justin 1 48 48 Oklahoma St. Southern Cal C. Florida Iowa Arizona Southern Miss South Carolina Navy Stanford Louisville Georgia Clemson 54
87. Korentayer, Dan 1 48 48 Kansas St. Alabama Georgia Northwestern Wake Forest Memphis South Carolina Texas N. Illinois Utah Southern Miss C. Florida 57
87. Hoge, Adam 1 48 48 Alabama Auburn Penn St. Kentucky Iowa St. Southern Miss West Virginia Southern Cal N. Carolina St. Wisconsin Iowa Oklahoma 68
94. Peel, Mike 1 47 47 Memphis Mississippi St. Wisconsin Auburn Florida St. Notre Dame Arizona New Mexico St. Michigan Duke N. Carolina St. Georgia 33
94. Peel, Caitlin 1 47 47 Iowa Florida St. Kentucky UCLA TCU N. Carolina St. Texas Washington Southern Cal Arizona Wake Forest Michigan St. 41
94. Walker, Tyler 1 47 47 Alabama Florida St. Auburn N. Carolina St. Memphis Southern Cal Oklahoma St. Utah Miami, Fla. Duke Michigan Stanford 47
94. Gross, Bill 2 47 47 Penn St. Oklahoma St. Utah St. Oklahoma Duke Texas Michigan St. Texas AM Miami, Fla. Memphis Stanford Alabama 48
94. Smith, Jim 1 47 47 Penn St. N. Carolina St. LSU Southern Miss Michigan St. Wisconsin Oklahoma South Carolina Texas TCU Southern Cal Auburn 54
94. Gonzales, Jay 1 47 47 Kansas St. Arizona Michigan St. Memphis Georgia Michigan C. Florida Utah Oklahoma St. Southern Cal New Mexico St. Washington 57
94. Nappy Dugout 2 47 47 Kansas St. Michigan St. Utah Missouri Louisville Georgia Virginia Tech TCU Iowa St. N. Carolina St. LSU Clemson 64
94. Hammill, Jeremy 1 47 47 West Virginia Kansas St. Iowa Arizona Texas Navy Oklahoma St. Washington St. Texas AM Stanford Florida St. N. Illinois 65
102. Barger, Kevin 1 46 46 Duke Kansas St. Utah Memphis Louisville Kentucky Miami, Fla. Auburn Oklahoma Alabama Ohio St. Penn St. 45
102. Gross, Bill 3 46 46 Utah St. N. Carolina St. Penn St. Oklahoma St. Arizona Duke Ohio St. TCU Memphis Kansas St. Louisville Washington St. 45
102. Macfarlane, Brian 1 46 46 Kansas St. Michigan St. N. Carolina St. West Virginia Oklahoma Clemson South Carolina Stanford N. Illinois Southern Cal Penn St. LSU 45
102. Currie, Justin 1 46 46 Kansas St. Boston College Iowa St. Mississippi St. Southern Miss Northwestern New Mexico St. Miami, Fla. Michigan St. Texas N. Carolina St. Arizona 50
106. Bidochka, Chris 3 45 45 Alabama Georgia Auburn Virginia Tech Iowa St. Kentucky TCU Wake Forest New Mexico St. Washington Wisconsin Notre Dame 40
106. Peel, Caitlin 2 45 45 Wake Forest N. Carolina St. Kentucky New Mexico St. Ohio St. Louisville Memphis Washington Wisconsin Michigan C. Florida Notre Dame 42
106. Pickins, Slim 3 45 45 Oklahoma St. Georgia Arizona Iowa Texas Wake Forest Utah St. Northwestern Michigan St. Arizona St. Washington Stanford 46
106. Ratzburg, Nik 1 45 45 Penn St. Stanford Michigan St. Oklahoma St. Louisville Oklahoma Clemson Boston College Miami, Fla. South Carolina Utah St. Arizona 46
106. Mclaughlin, Greg 1 45 45 Oklahoma Alabama Oklahoma St. Iowa Michigan St. TCU C. Florida Southern Miss Arizona St. Southern Cal Louisville Iowa St. 47
106. Stephens, John 2 45 45 Oklahoma St. Stanford Missouri Arizona St. Georgia Wake Forest Arizona Navy Kentucky Michigan St. Florida St. Boston College 47
106. Burns, Bob 1 45 45 Southern Miss C. Florida N. Illinois Ohio St. Notre Dame Mississippi St. Alabama Washington Wisconsin Arizona Oklahoma West Virginia 49
106. Gonzales, Elaine 1 45 45 Michigan St. Southern Miss Iowa St. Louisville South Carolina Kansas St. Boston College Northwestern Penn St. Oklahoma St. Wake Forest N. Carolina St. 49
106. Schiefer, Dennis 1 45 45 Penn St. Oklahoma St. Louisville Michigan St. Kansas St. Northwestern Memphis West Virginia Miami, Fla. Navy N. Carolina St. Auburn 54
106. Armin Hammer 2 45 45 Mississippi St. Ohio St. Washington Wake Forest N. Carolina St. LSU New Mexico St. Oklahoma Alabama Wisconsin Memphis Kentucky 55
116. Adams, Brae 1 44 44 Penn St. Arizona Alabama Notre Dame Ohio St. West Virginia Miami, Fla. Stanford Arizona St. Oklahoma DQ-Duplicate UCLA 39
116. Akers, Brian 2 44 44 Kansas St. Boston College Missouri Virginia Tech Stanford Alabama Georgia Ohio St. Michigan Penn St. Kentucky Wisconsin 43
116. Nochaux, Scotty 1 44 44 Utah Boston College Purdue Penn St. Auburn LSU Wisconsin South Carolina Clemson Oklahoma N. Carolina St. Wake Forest 44
116. Fishbain 1 44 44 Northwestern Michigan St. N. Illinois Oklahoma St. N. Carolina St. Penn St. Arizona Iowa Navy Miami, Fla. UCLA Utah St. 47
116. Mitchell, Brian 1 44 44 Ohio St. Northwestern Georgia Clemson Utah Southern Miss South Carolina Purdue Boston College Arizona St. Penn St. Oklahoma St. 49
116. Gross, Bill 1 44 44 Oklahoma St. Penn St. Arizona N. Carolina St. Boston College West Virginia Southern Miss Duke South Carolina C. Florida Oklahoma Clemson 52
116. Burmood, Aidan 1 44 44 Oklahoma St. Iowa Arizona UCLA Penn St. C. Florida Louisville Wisconsin Southern Cal Washington St. Oklahoma Texas 57
116. Owens, Andrew 1 44 44 Arizona Oklahoma St. Stanford Navy Texas AM Michigan St. Kansas St. Southern Cal Louisville Miami, Fla. LSU Penn St. 62
116. Sokerka, Scott 1 44 44 LSU Penn St. TCU Ohio St. Miami, Fla. South Carolina Georgia Kansas St. Auburn Oklahoma St. Michigan St. N. Carolina St. 65
116. Shultz, Andrew 2 44 44 Navy Virginia Tech Stanford Michigan St. Arizona St. Ohio St. Wisconsin Clemson Auburn Wake Forest Northwestern Utah St. 66
126. Skinner, Kyle 1 43 43 Penn St. Auburn Louisville Navy South Carolina Washington St. Wisconsin Oklahoma St. West Virginia Iowa St. N. Illinois Southern Miss 38
126. Ballstein, Slappy 1 43 43 Iowa Penn St. Wake Forest Arizona Auburn Florida St. Michigan Notre Dame Navy Duke Washington St. New Mexico St. 42
126. Viecelli, Anthony Jr 2 43 43 Alabama Utah St. Penn St. Auburn Oklahoma St. Navy TCU Washington St. Kansas St. Wake Forest Ohio St. West Virginia 45
126. Deitz, Gene 1 43 43 Penn St. Auburn Georgia Ohio St. Louisville Miami, Fla. Duke Iowa St. Missouri Boston College Southern Miss N. Carolina St. 51
126. Ryan, Charles 1 43 43 Northwestern Duke Michigan Wisconsin Louisville Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Utah Navy Memphis Auburn Florida St. 55
126. Manifold, Greg 1 43 43 Auburn Michigan Penn St. Navy Notre Dame Clemson Wisconsin Florida St. Louisville Iowa St. Iowa UCLA 58
126. Dobbs, Robert 1 43 43 Alabama Oklahoma St. Michigan St. Southern Cal Arizona UCLA Georgia TCU Iowa West Virginia Auburn Arizona St. 59
133. Walker, Stanley 3 42 42 Michigan St. Kentucky Wake Forest N. Carolina St. TCU Virginia Tech Navy Missouri Southern Miss Duke West Virginia Kansas St. 37
133. Blutarski, John 2 42 42 Utah St. Auburn South Carolina Penn St. Georgia Kentucky Clemson Southern Cal Mississippi St. Iowa St. Miami, Fla. Notre Dame 43
133. Rickard, Derek 2 42 42 Navy Southern Miss Purdue Washington Stanford Clemson South Carolina LSU Memphis C. Florida Georgia Mississippi St. 48
133. Washburn, Gary 2 42 42 Alabama Arizona Oklahoma St. Michigan Oklahoma Penn St. N. Carolina St. C. Florida Southern Miss Southern Cal Notre Dame Northwestern 54
133. Haines, Doug 1 42 42 Georgia Alabama Penn St. TCU Southern Cal Arizona St. Oklahoma St. Washington St. Missouri Kansas St. Arizona West Virginia 55
133. Cox, Jess 1 42 42 Michigan St. Arizona Kansas St. Stanford Missouri Virginia Tech N. Illinois Utah Florida St. Boston College Navy Clemson 79
139. Ketchner, Kevin 3 41 41 Penn St. Ohio St. Wake Forest Kansas St. Missouri West Virginia South Carolina Northwestern Louisville Oklahoma St. Oklahoma Auburn 47
139. Campbell, Rodney 1 41 41 Northwestern Oklahoma Navy Iowa Penn St. Missouri Kansas St. Auburn Wisconsin Michigan St. Southern Miss South Carolina 54
139. Manifold, Greg 2 41 41 Penn St. Auburn Navy Notre Dame Michigan Georgia Clemson Texas AM UCLA Louisville Ohio St. Michigan St. 74
142. Howard, Jordan 1 40 40 Penn St. Southern Cal N. Carolina St. Arizona Miami, Fla. Clemson Iowa St. Michigan St. C. Florida Notre Dame N. Illinois TCU 33
142. Dick, Richard 1 40 40 Penn St. Miami, Fla. Alabama TCU Texas Arizona Oklahoma St. Utah St. Ohio St. Oklahoma LSU Texas AM 35
142. Agajanian, Carole 2 40 40 Southern Miss C. Florida Southern Cal Kentucky South Carolina Arizona St. Mississippi St. West Virginia N. Illinois New Mexico St. Iowa St. Notre Dame 37
142. Bidochka, Chris 2 40 40 Mississippi St. Georgia Virginia Tech Auburn New Mexico St. TCU Wake Forest Virginia Ohio St. Alabama Wisconsin Michigan 40
142. Boettler, Brian 1 40 40 Ohio St. LSU Penn St. Stanford Auburn N. Illinois Miami, Fla. Missouri Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Oklahoma St. West Virginia 45
142. Bonesteel, Matt 2 40 40 Stanford Utah St. Mississippi St. Arizona St. Virginia Tech Ohio St. C. Florida Northwestern Clemson Georgia Iowa St. Wake Forest 47
142. Kilgore, Adam 1 40 40 Oklahoma St. Southern Cal Purdue Penn St. Wake Forest LSU Miami, Fla. Northwestern Stanford Kansas St. N. Carolina St. Clemson 47
142. Marsh, Bryan 1 40 40 West Virginia Penn St. Notre Dame Oklahoma Oklahoma St. N. Illinois Texas Mississippi St. Southern Miss Clemson Southern Cal Michigan 47
142. Silver, Josh 2 40 40 Louisville Michigan Michigan St. Clemson Oklahoma St. Purdue Penn St. Kansas St. Texas LSU Northwestern Texas AM 47
142. Currie, Chip 1 40 40 Utah Auburn Arizona Michigan St. Stanford Duke LSU Washington Wake Forest New Mexico St. Memphis Alabama 49
142. Sanford, Ryan 2 40 40 West Virginia Duke Kansas St. Southern Miss Iowa Missouri Arizona Navy Oklahoma St. TCU Michigan St. Texas AM 49
142. Haines, Doug 3 40 40 Auburn Iowa St. Michigan Oklahoma St. UCLA Stanford Notre Dame Penn St. Clemson Oklahoma Ohio St. Miami, Fla. 50
142. Silver, Josh 1 40 40 Texas Kansas St. Stanford LSU Southern Cal Utah Oklahoma Miami, Fla. Boston College Virginia N. Illinois Southern Miss 51
142. Viecelli 1, Chris 1 40 40 Clemson Oklahoma Notre Dame C. Florida South Carolina Iowa St. Washington Mississippi St. Southern Cal Arizona St. Texas AM Michigan St. 52
142. Viecelli 3, Chris 3 40 40 Oklahoma LSU Wisconsin Penn St. Memphis Duke Florida St. Iowa Arizona Stanford Arizona St. West Virginia 56
157. Ratzburg, Nik 2 39 39 Boston College N. Illinois Michigan St. Penn St. Stanford Northwestern Louisville Oklahoma St. Kansas St. South Carolina Miami, Fla. Arizona 44
157. Ballstein, Slappy 2 39 39 Miami, Fla. N. Carolina St. Northwestern Mississippi St. Virginia Tech Texas Iowa Arizona Utah Southern Cal Stanford LSU 45
157. Fernbacher, Jack 3 39 39 Northwestern Ohio St. Auburn Stanford Arizona St. Memphis Georgia Navy Oklahoma St. Alabama Michigan Michigan St. 45
157. Haines, Doug 2 39 39 Notre Dame Oklahoma Utah Southern Cal Stanford Washington St. Arizona Duke Kansas St. Arizona St. Miami, Fla. Washington 45
157. Fanning, Chris 1 39 39 Penn St. LSU Washington St. Oklahoma St. Navy Texas West Virginia Oklahoma Clemson New Mexico St. Arizona Memphis 48
157. Northrup, Ryan 2 39 39 Navy Northwestern Missouri Penn St. South Carolina Georgia Southern Miss Louisville Arizona Stanford Southern Cal Clemson 48
157. Alubowicz, Brian 1 39 39 Oklahoma St. Utah St. Wake Forest West Virginia Kansas St. Texas TCU Mississippi St. Michigan St. Wisconsin Northwestern Michigan 51
157. Alubowicz, Brian 2 39 39 Kansas St. TCU Auburn West Virginia Oklahoma St. Penn St. Michigan St. Alabama N. Illinois Southern Miss Arizona Mississippi St. 51
157. Lewis 2 39 39 South Carolina Arizona St. Virginia Kentucky Penn St. Miami, Fla. Iowa Wake Forest N. Illinois Oklahoma St. Auburn Mississippi St. 57
157. Viecelli 2, Tony 2 39 39 Ohio St. Michigan Duke Utah Florida St. Auburn Oklahoma Clemson Louisville Northwestern Missouri Arizona 59
157. Wiley, Scott 2 39 39 Clemson Oklahoma Notre Dame C. Florida South Carolina Miami, Fla. Washington Iowa St. Mississippi St. Southern Cal New Mexico St. Kentucky 59
157. Gonzales, Jay 3 39 39 Clemson Georgia Notre Dame C. Florida Michigan Wisconsin Washington Memphis Louisville Southern Cal New Mexico St. Wake Forest 60
157. Allen, Scott 1 39 39 Oklahoma St. Northwestern Louisville Duke Stanford West Virginia South Carolina Utah St. N. Carolina St. Washington St. Arizona Wake Forest 61
157. Patterson, Skitch 2 39 39 Southern Cal C. Florida Clemson Georgia New Mexico St. South Carolina Wake Forest Washington St. Wisconsin Memphis TCU LSU 69
157. Whitaker, Jim 1 39 39 Auburn Notre Dame Oklahoma St. Penn St. Washington St. TCU Miami, Fla. Utah St. Iowa St. Ohio St. Alabama DQ-Same 73
157. Vice, Jeff 1 39 39 Kansas St. Louisville Utah Missouri Michigan St. N. Illinois Virginia Tech Kentucky Washington Georgia Miami, Fla. Ohio St. 74
157. Vice, Jeff 2 39 39 Utah Missouri Michigan St. Washington Kansas St. Louisville Alabama Utah St. Arizona LSU C. Florida Ohio St. 74
174. Lichtel, Matt 1 38 38 Kansas St. Florida St. Virginia Louisville Miami, Fla. Auburn LSU Georgia Michigan St. Ohio St. Texas Purdue 34
174. Barger, Bryan 1 38 38 Oklahoma Alabama Oklahoma St. Southern Cal Washington Stanford Michigan St. Miami, Fla. Kansas St. Wake Forest Louisville Memphis 47
174. Ballstein, Slappy 3 38 38 Penn St. Wake Forest Navy Auburn Michigan DQ-Duplicate Notre Dame Washington St. N. Carolina St. Mississippi St. Wisconsin New Mexico St. 51
174. Nappy Dugout 1 38 38 Kansas St. Michigan St. TCU Missouri Virginia Tech N. Carolina St. Louisville Iowa St. LSU Clemson Georgia Iowa 54
174. Viecelli 3, Tony 3 38 38 West Virginia Oklahoma Wisconsin Memphis Iowa C. Florida Ohio St. Duke Arizona Louisville Kansas St. Northwestern 57
174. Allen, Scott 2 38 38 Louisville South Carolina Northwestern N. Carolina St. Memphis Wisconsin C. Florida Notre Dame Utah St. Wake Forest Oklahoma Washington 58
174. Uhring, Rob 3 38 38 Memphis Louisville Northwestern Penn St. Ohio St. C. Florida South Carolina Wisconsin Clemson Utah St. Georgia Notre Dame 62
181. Sembritzki, Thom 1 37 37 Iowa Northwestern Oklahoma St. Southern Miss Arizona St. South Carolina DQ-Duplicate Penn St. Southern Cal Mississippi St. Washington St. N. Illinois 38
181. Rene, Salcido 1 37 37 Oklahoma Michigan St. Penn St. South Carolina Auburn Texas AM Arizona Miami, Fla. Kentucky Utah St. Kansas St. N. Carolina St. 42
181. Fisher, Ian 1 37 37 Alabama Auburn South Carolina Oklahoma St. Washington LSU Navy Northwestern Miami, Fla. Southern Miss Texas AM Oklahoma 45
181. Italian Ice 1 37 37 Kansas St. Washington LSU Duke Michigan St. Louisville Northwestern Oklahoma St. TCU Wisconsin Michigan Clemson 47
181. Peel, Brian 1 37 37 Kansas St. Washington Texas Virginia Tech Mississippi St. Navy Utah St. LSU Oklahoma Clemson Miami, Fla. Michigan 47
181. Nintzel, Andy 2 37 37 Memphis Arizona St. Alabama Wisconsin Michigan Georgia Ohio St. New Mexico St. Washington Northwestern LSU Louisville 48
181. Noze, The 1 37 37 Georgia Louisville LSU Stanford South Carolina Navy Northwestern Missouri Southern Cal Southern Miss Wake Forest Utah 50
181. Pickins, Slim 1 37 37 Michigan St. Wake Forest Purdue Boston College Virginia Utah Arizona St. Florida St. N. Illinois Louisville Stanford South Carolina 50
181. Tomtodoit 1 37 37 Kansas St. Michigan St. LSU Georgia Northwestern Missouri Southern Cal Stanford Wake Forest Miami, Fla. Virginia Tech Louisville 52
181. Armin Hammer 1 37 37 Texas West Virginia TCU Mississippi St. Washington Ohio St. Michigan St. Wake Forest LSU Oklahoma Alabama Navy 55
191. Peel, Tracy 1 36 36 Arizona Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Notre Dame Boston College Utah St. Memphis Stanford Texas AM UCLA Northwestern South Carolina 43
191. Pickins, Slim 2 36 36 Northwestern Texas Oklahoma St. Georgia LSU Utah St. Washington Iowa St. Auburn Miami, Fla. Southern Cal Kansas St. 44
191. Lippman, Josh 1 36 36 Arizona Kansas St. Duke Boston College Texas Virginia Memphis Penn St. Southern Miss Southern Cal Oklahoma St. Michigan 45
191. Fernbacher, Jack 1 36 36 Kansas St. Southern Miss Miami, Fla. Southern Cal Kentucky C. Florida Arizona St. Washington Michigan St. Iowa St. Purdue Michigan 47
191. Lear, Eric 1 36 36 Michigan St. LSU Washington Texas Boston College Wake Forest Northwestern Mississippi St. Georgia Alabama Stanford Iowa St. 47
191. Viecelli 1, Tony 1 36 36 Alabama Georgia LSU Auburn Michigan Memphis Penn St. Louisville Ohio St. N. Carolina St. Wake Forest Washington St. 51
191. Silva 1, Francisco 1 36 36 Northwestern Memphis Louisville Alabama Oklahoma Penn St. Ohio St. N. Carolina St. Stanford Navy South Carolina Boston College 53
191. Barter, Kent 1 36 36 West Virginia N. Illinois Alabama Notre Dame C. Florida Arizona Iowa Northwestern Michigan Memphis Mississippi St. Wisconsin 55
191. Finley, Pat 1 36 36 Clemson Georgia LSU Oklahoma St. Duke UCLA Missouri New Mexico St. Miami, Fla. Stanford Washington St. Arizona 55
191. Hodo, Josh 1 36 36 Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Kansas St. Texas AM Northwestern Wisconsin Penn St. DQ-Duplicate Memphis Arizona St. C. Florida Clemson 56
191. Pankowski, Joe 2 36 36 Clemson Oklahoma Notre Dame Auburn South Carolina Wisconsin Penn St. Iowa St. Southern Cal Wake Forest Louisville Virginia Tech 63
191. Uhring, Rob 2 36 36 Memphis Oklahoma St. Louisville N. Illinois Kansas St. Northwestern N. Carolina St. Iowa West Virginia Penn St. Georgia Notre Dame 64
203. King, Jarrod 1 35 35 Penn St. TCU Southern Cal Iowa Memphis Clemson South Carolina Georgia West Virginia Miami, Fla. Notre Dame Navy 45
203. Miller, John 1 35 35 Boston College Memphis Kansas St. Oklahoma St. LSU Louisville Penn St. Kentucky Purdue Southern Cal TCU Navy 45
203. Ronsen 1 35 35 Auburn Oklahoma St. Mississippi St. Wisconsin Memphis LSU UCLA Washington St. Stanford Michigan Clemson Georgia 46
203. Palma, Marty 1 35 35 Michigan St. Kentucky Miami, Fla. Louisville Missouri Iowa St. Texas AM Auburn Duke TCU Oklahoma Florida St. 47
203. Peel, Brian 2 35 35 Washington Georgia Alabama Miami, Fla. Mississippi St. LSU Utah St. Ohio St. Michigan Auburn Arizona St. Iowa St. 47
203. Walker, Stanley 2 35 35 Clemson Georgia LSU C. Florida South Carolina Miami, Fla. Penn St. Memphis Louisville Southern Cal Utah St. N. Carolina St. 47
203. Peel, Colin 1 35 35 West Virginia Kansas St. Boston College Missouri Oklahoma St. Washington St. N. Carolina St. Utah St. Ohio St. Iowa St. Wisconsin Notre Dame 48
203. Alubowicz, Madison 1 35 35 Miami, Fla. Georgia Michigan Stanford Ohio St. Clemson Auburn UCLA Oklahoma St. Texas AM Navy Iowa 54
203. Vafinis, Chris 1 35 35 Memphis LSU Miami, Fla. Georgia Wake Forest Navy Purdue Penn St. Kentucky New Mexico St. TCU South Carolina 55
203. Dewhirst, Derek 2 35 35 Iowa Arizona Oklahoma St. TCU Washington St. Texas AM Ohio St. Penn St. Auburn Oklahoma Alabama Arizona St. 58
203. Jurgensen, Brent 1 35 35 Missouri Ohio St. N. Illinois Northwestern Oklahoma St. Florida St. Auburn Mississippi St. Penn St. Washington St. Arizona St. Oklahoma 59
203. Camen, Andy 2 35 35 Wisconsin Notre Dame Oklahoma Clemson Arizona Navy Southern Cal Arizona St. N. Illinois Stanford Oklahoma St. West Virginia 64
203. Schimmel, Greg 1 35 35 Miami, Fla. Michigan St. Boston College Oklahoma Clemson Purdue Iowa St. Kansas St. Texas Washington C. Florida Southern Miss 66
203. Patterson, Skitch 1 35 35 Southern Cal C. Florida Arizona Clemson Georgia New Mexico St. South Carolina Wake Forest Washington St. Wisconsin Memphis Southern Miss 69
217. Bidochka, Chris 1 34 34 Utah Virginia Tech Missouri Southern Miss C. Florida Iowa Michigan Kentucky Arizona Louisville Iowa St. Oklahoma 40
217. Northrup, Bob 2 34 34 Northwestern Utah St. Navy Penn St. Louisville Stanford Memphis Michigan Oklahoma St. Texas Boston College Purdue 48
217. Northrup, Bob 3 34 34 Clemson Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Notre Dame Iowa St. Louisville TCU Utah St. Wisconsin Ohio St. Texas AM Arizona St. 48
217. Henriksen, George 2 34 34 Oklahoma St. Boston College C. Florida West Virginia Florida St. Miami, Fla. TCU Memphis Duke Missouri Texas AM Arizona 49
217. Feder, Mike 1 34 34 Kansas St. Michigan St. Iowa St. Southern Miss Southern Cal Virginia Boston College Northwestern Oklahoma Missouri Miami, Fla. Oklahoma St. 53
217. Peel, Colin 2 34 34 Clemson Notre Dame Auburn Penn St. Miami, Fla. Ohio St. Utah St. Michigan Iowa St. Mississippi St. Northwestern Oklahoma 56
217. Korentayer, Dan 2 34 34 Northwestern TCU Wake Forest Ohio St. Michigan St. Louisville Wisconsin Alabama Virginia Tech Navy Georgia N. Carolina St. 57
217. Gilman, Tyler 2 34 34 N. Carolina St. Memphis Penn St. Wake Forest Louisville Michigan Utah St. Kentucky Georgia Auburn Alabama Notre Dame 59
217. Gilman, Tyler 3 34 34 N. Carolina St. Penn St. Michigan Louisville Ohio St. Northwestern Memphis LSU Miami, Fla. Alabama Oklahoma Texas AM 59
217. May, Jeffrey 2 34 34 Northwestern Alabama Ohio St. Memphis Oklahoma St. Arizona Washington St. TCU Penn St. Auburn DQ-Same New Mexico St. 61
217. Uhring, Rob 1 34 34 Oklahoma St. Memphis Louisville Ohio St. Penn St. Utah St. Missouri TCU C. Florida Northwestern Washington St. Purdue 68
228. Marris, Rick 1 33 33 Arizona Florida St. Oklahoma St. Wake Forest N. Carolina St. Northwestern Utah St. Louisville Wisconsin Oklahoma Clemson Michigan 35
228. Blancett, Bryan 1 33 33 Auburn Louisville Florida St. TCU Wisconsin Northwestern Oklahoma St. Oklahoma Duke Kansas St. Navy Clemson 45
228. Hartattack, Jeff 2 33 33 Wisconsin New Mexico St. Memphis Louisville Ohio St. Wake Forest Northwestern Michigan Arizona St. Washington Georgia Clemson 47
228. Rivett, Steve 1 33 33 Oklahoma West Virginia Oklahoma St. Notre Dame Southern Cal Washington Memphis C. Florida Stanford Kentucky Iowa Arizona 48
228. Lichtel, Reese 1 33 33 Ohio St. Louisville Stanford Oklahoma Clemson Miami, Fla. Navy Oklahoma St. Northwestern Michigan Memphis Auburn 52
228. Dewhirst, Derek 1 33 33 Alabama Oklahoma Auburn Penn St. Ohio St. Arizona St. Texas AM Washington St. TCU Oklahoma St. Arizona Iowa 58
228. Smith, Jim 2 33 33 Iowa Miami, Fla. Penn St. LSU Texas AM Auburn Georgia South Carolina Missouri TCU Southern Cal Clemson 64
228. Lee, Gregory 1 33 33 Louisville LSU Missouri Duke Iowa Oklahoma St. N. Carolina St. Michigan DQ-Duplicate Penn St. Southern Cal Oklahoma 65
228. Vice, Jeff 3 33 33 Wake Forest Louisville Washington Alabama Ohio St. Kentucky LSU N. Carolina St. Michigan Georgia Miami, Fla. C. Florida 74
237. Peel, Cassie 1 32 32 Boston College TCU Texas AM Ohio St. Iowa St. Penn St. Miami, Fla. Auburn Notre Dame Georgia Clemson Duke 33
237. Badbam22 1 32 32 Memphis Wake Forest Oklahoma Iowa C. Florida Clemson Arizona St. Navy Mississippi St. Ohio St. Duke Kansas St. 42
237. Taylor, Dylan 2 32 32 Southern Cal Miami, Fla. South Carolina Arizona St. Utah St. Georgia Alabama Texas AM Mississippi St. Penn St. C. Florida Memphis 42
237. Ratzburg, Nik 3 32 32 Oklahoma Clemson Penn St. Arizona Louisville Stanford Michigan St. Southern Cal Wisconsin Kentucky Kansas St. Virginia 46
237. Blanchard, Jason 1 32 32 Penn St. Miami, Fla. Clemson Louisville Oklahoma Oklahoma St. South Carolina West Virginia N. Carolina St. Texas Northwestern Auburn 48
237. Schiefer, Dennis 2 32 32 Penn St. Miami, Fla. Northwestern N. Carolina St. South Carolina Texas AM Memphis Oklahoma Auburn Ohio St. Louisville Utah St. 54
237. Alubowicz, Brenda 1 32 32 Auburn Northwestern Arizona Wisconsin Utah Washington Iowa Southern Cal Stanford Texas Notre Dame UCLA 63